Why We’re Best for Workers

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As 2018 honorees on the B Lab list of Best for the World companies in the Workers category, we are proud to join our fellow B Corps leading the global movement of business as a force for good.


Future State is thrilled to announce our place as a 2018 Best for the World honoree in the Workers category on B Lab’s 2018 Best for the World list. As a human-centered management consulting firm, we know our people are our biggest asset—and we treat them that way!

We are proud to join our fellow B Corp honorees in this category, working together as global leaders creating the future of business. Read more about the honor.


One person’s success is everyone’s success — for ESOPs that’s not just a feel-good phrase, it’s literally true.


Here are a few of the reasons we received this honor.

Employee-ownership: At Future State, our employees are our owners, a model we see as a competitive advantage. CEO Shannon Adkins explains the benefits this way: “It ensures every person on our team is personally invested in our success; it makes it less likely that talented people will leave; and it drives our organizational culture to be more collaborative than competitive,” she says. Looking for a way to drive engagement? Consider employee ownership. “One person’s success is everyone’s success — for ESOPs that’s not just a feel-good phrase, it’s literally true.” Read more here.

Certified women-owned: Our company was founded by a woman, our executive board is mostly women, and more than 80 percent of our employee-owners are women. The great news is that studies show financial and cultural benefits of designing work places for women—and those benefits extend to everyone in the organization. Read about them here.

Two-way relationships: We look at every relationship with an employee as a shared relationship. We understand the value our people bring to the table, and we strive to offer them value, too. Future State offers unlimited PTO, paid maternity and paternity leave, and a long-standing commitment to flexible work environments and schedules. From recruitment to day-to-day work, our model is about treating people like adults, giving them the resources, tools and space they need to get the job done in the best way. Read more about how we recruit.

Passion projects: We aim to build a community of passionate, versatile problem solvers—this wide range of expertise enables us to achieve all kinds of objectives for our clients. For us, that means supporting our colleagues in their commitment to their own passions and professional and personal growth. We build a culture that welcomes people to join, leave to pursue other projects, and then come back. We build in time for volunteer activities, for our colleagues to sit on Boards of Directors or to serve in public office, and to organize for causes that matter to them.