Why Forbes Coaches Recommend Project-Based Talent

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It’s not news that the workforce has changed. Today many workers with immense expertise and talent seek to work in what were once considered unconventional ways. But working remotely and on specific objectives is becoming commonplace—and companies who want to compete in the talent market should consider how they can take advantage of the new labor market. 

In the article “Eight Ways Companies Can Tap Into the Power of Part-Time Staff,” the Forbes Coaches Council offers firsthand insights on how and why organizations should consider part-time or project-based staff. 


Project-based staff can bring a wide set of experience and skills to teams.

Project-based staff can bring a new outlook, and experience in driving success. “Today’s workforce has access to unique and eclectic sets of abilities, which are often boosted by the experiences of seeing how different leaders handle procedures or manage tasks,” Forbes writes. “They may have seen a company’s particular problem before and know what worked—and what didn’t—the last time another firm tried to tackle it.” Future State specializes in this: Providing world-class project managers and team members who have previous experience and skill in successfully meeting objectives—making it easier for your whole team to hit its goals. 

Utilizing part-time staff makes companies more agile. Part-time staffing is no longer about limiting headcount; it’s about tapping strengths. “It’s a sophisticated strategy for managing talent to match production demands,” writes Forbes coach Dr. Stacy Feiner. 

It enables you to hit strategic goals. “Use alternative workers to meet specific deadlines and fill talent gaps within the organization,” writes Forbes coach Erica McCurdy. “Use them where they can be most effective to inject new energy into a stale project, to complete tasks that require unique skills and to improve efficiency across functional areas.”

Project-based staffing lets you take advantage of global talent. By cultivating a global team of knowledgeable workers motivated by flexibility, “you will save money, build efficiency and take advantage of the talented, but underserved, part-time and contingent workforce,” writes Forbes coach Barbara Safani.

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