Use Brand Strategy to Grow Your Top Investments

Work Culture

All of your employees have a personal brand, whether or not they have cultivated it. You can encourage both their professional growth and their loyalty by creatively offering ways for them to develop their brands. If your goal is to grow your business, helping your employees ride that wave sets them up to be a long-lasting foundation for your business.

Once you know what would offer value to your employees, you have a place to start. The more attractive they are as workers, the better your company looks to potential clients and new hires.

Back to basics: Bring in a professional photographer to take everyone’s headshot, then encourage them to add these pictures to their LinkedIn, email profiles, and internal communication profiles (like Workplace by Facebook or Yammer).

Share content on your blog, social media, and/or internal channels that offers value to your employees. Whether it teaches or entertains, if your employees can repost it themselves, they get an effective way to participate in the same conversation as your business.

Improve their strengths as representatives of your brand by improving their public bios. Hold a work session or pair up your employees to give each other feedback. Post their self-written bios on your website if you’ve built in the space for them (if you haven’t, go build in the space).

Fill in the gaps: What tools does your company use? Do you have people in-house who could offer training in how to use them?

Growing the hard skills of your lower-level employees has several benefits:

  • They can fill in for their coworkers who are OOO
  • It adds value for them—they’re more likely to stay longer.
  • Since your business is growing, this is an opportunity for your employees to expand their roles and produce stronger results over time.

Create Managers: Bad managers are appointed, good managers are grown.

Set up a mentorship program. This will make your managers, who will have a reason to look closely at the strategies they have in practice, and your employees more aware and confident in management.

Offer periodic management training to lower level employees to give them a vision of where their careers might go. They will also be more loyal with this layer of valuable experience added to their jobs.