The experience + passion to make a difference.

The experience + passion to make a difference.

A Note from CEO Shannon Adkins

At Future State, we are proud to be a purpose-driven, women-led and employee-owned company that’s been driving results here in Silicon Valley for more than 30 years—through the dot com boom and bust, the great recession, unicorn IPOs, bro culture and beyond.

To be the company we are today, we've had to innovate and transform along with the dynamic forces here in one of the most unpredictable business environments in the world. And we’ve done it while keeping our essential mission and value proposition intact—enabling extraordinary visions that positively impact the world. We are 100% in on the foundational importance of equity, inclusion and diversity in 21st-century businesses. To us, that means diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation and more, but also diversity of skills and backgrounds. We go beyond pedigree and look for people with unique outlooks, fascinating life experiences, and different ways of thinking and working.

These differences are what have led us to a world-class NPS score; they’ve made us a Best for the World company in the Workers category for the past three years; and they carry all the way through to our work with our clients. What I hear from clients is “your teams are different”, “ they care more”, “they are having fun and they are real.” That’s all true, but it’s not by chance—it’s by design. That’s the thing about values. It’s not enough to believe in them, we have to take actions that support them everyday. Here at Future State, our tagline isn’t just about our clients, it’s about our team members too: If you’ve been looking for the right place to take your career to the next level, in an environment that values differences and celebrates diversity, we’re here. Your future state, realized.

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CEO Shannon Adkins

We are different. And we make a difference.

We are passionate problem-solvers with a reputation of excellence, compassion and innovation. We've been helping clients since 1982, and we are proud to work with some of the best-known brands in the world. We're also proud to have gathered a group of some of the world's best talent—100 strong and growing.

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We are a diverse group that has traveled many paths. All leading us here. We love people and have a passion to use our knowledge and expertise to help people and companies use business as a force for good.

Shannon Adkins

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Krumpe

Chief Operating Officer

Eric Lamothe

Director of Finance

Jennifer Riebli

Director of Delivery

Joanne Brooks

Director of Transformation

Cristine Lipscomb

Client Portfolio Director

Lynette Phillips

Client Portfolio Director

John Moran

Client Partner, Life Sciences

Betsy Belding

Business Process Practice Lead

Ericka Ryan

Director of Sales Operations

Shari McAneney

Office Manager

Ksenia Lissitsyna

Senior Project Analyst

Maria Capote

Delivery Assistant

Carla Galinat

Senior Accountant

Future thinking.

We live at the cutting edge of technology solutions, forward-thinking business practices, and the models and methodologies that will drive success into the future.

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