Our Definition of Success

Purpose Work Culture

Future State’s recent B Corp re-certification—and significantly higher score—showcases what we consider the true definition of success: Benefits for people, purpose and the planet alongside profits.


As a people-centered consulting firm, Future State has always thought about “success” a little bit differently than many other businesses. Sure, financial success is integral in keeping us afloat and innovating. But if we’re not consistently having a positive impact on the world around us, we don’t consider ourselves successful at all. In short, your success is our success. The happiness of our employees and clients is paramount in achieving our own happiness.

That’s why we’re so honored and truly happy to have recently recertified as a B Corp. Our status as a B Corp means that we’re going above and beyond to contribute to society in positive ways. It’s a clear-cut signal to those around us that we’re walking the talk. Moreover, we’re always striving to improve. We didn’t just recertify — we improved our score on the rigorous B Impact Assessment, which measures our social and environmental impact.

In 2017, we were honored as one of the top companies in the Best for Workers category of B Corps for the second year in a row. Best for Workers honorees are recognized for creating positive worker impact, and have earned a worker score in the top 10 percent of all Certified B Corporations. While we believe in striving to excel in every category of the assessment, the workers category — and honor — is especially meaningful to us. Future State treats our employees in the same way we advise our clients to: with respect for them as individuals who are driven to do great work by a desire to improve our world. When you give employees a great reason to come to work every day (fulfilling their own purpose) and give them the tools, freedom and support they need to get the work done, you get the best possible results.

Below are just a few of our practices that helped us recertify as a B Corp.

  1. We’re employee-owned: Sure, being employee-owned helped us earn points in the B Impact Assessment, but that’s not why we do it. We recognize that the best motivator of success is being fully engaged. When the financial rewards of our success are shared across our team, it motivates everyone to bring their strengths to the table every day, and helps enhance team unity.
  2. We’re women-owned: Our company was founded by a woman, and more than 80 percent of our employee-owners are women. Most of our executive board is made up of women. Providing women a voice, an outlet for their passions, and the opportunity for advancement isn’t just a marketing strategy at Future State — it’s baked into our DNA.
  3. We offer unlimited time off: Future State offers unlimited PTO, paid maternity and paternity leave, and a long-standing commitment to flexible work environments and schedules. Our productive team members work from homes across the nation, including from places as far-flung as houseboats and off-grid homes. This means our team can do their best work no matter where they are, and that they don’t have to sacrifice having families and full lives to contribute to our organization.
  4. We support our team members: We support our colleagues in their commitment to the community, including time to contribute as members on Boards of Directors for organizations making a difference, including Healthcare Business Women’s Alliance, Watermark, Global Women’s Leadership Network, Vets in Tech and many more. We also support team members in serving public office and organizing for causes that matter to them.
  5. We’re inclusive: In partnership with Opportunity Junction, we recently piloted an eLearning development training program directed to graduates of job-training programs. Our daring pilot participant learned Articulate Storyline and is now a full-time employee at Future State. This program allows us to provide above living-wage opportunities to local residents. Learn more about this program.