The Making of a Dream Team

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Our CEO Shannon Adkins recently told a crowd of people who use business as a force for good that they shouldn’t be held back by limitations—real or imagined.

She described it as “this illusion that there’s a formula to success.” While there are some typical paths to career triumphs, the reality is that sometimes believing in your ideas—and finding others to help you achieve them—can be the key to success.

Read more about Shannon’s tips to make your craziest concepts come to life—and how to assemble a team of dreamers and believers around you to help make it happen.

Here’s to creating a dream team,

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Future State CEO Shannon Adkins’ LinkedIn profile touts her as “keynote speaker.”

But Adkins recently admitted—during the keynote address at a Bay Area B Corp Leadership Development event—that it was her first time filling that role.

Sometimes, she told the audience, you have to tout first and achieve later—especially when it comes to “outrageous statements” about the future of business, the world, or humanity. 

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In this Onward Nation podcast episode, CEO Shannon Adkins joins host Stephen Woessner for an inspiring conversation about effective team-building, how honoring the whole person at work leads to an array of valuable benefits—plus the power of intention and a few good reasons to sometimes believe in magic.

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+ From Harvard Business Review: “Poor management systems can jeopardize lives in the air, at sea, on roads or in hospitals. They can also put entire businesses and sectors at risk. With 2019 marking the 25th anniversary of the ‘triple bottom line,’ a term I coined in 1994, I propose a strategic recall to do some fine tuning.”

+ From Fast Company: “Ask millennials and boomers what companies they value most and you’ll get different answers. If brands want to make an impact with the consumers of the future, they need a clear mission.”