Digital Transformation the Human-Centered Way

What you get out of implementing a new internal collaboration tool.

Employee Engagement


Knowledge Sharing




Faster Decision Making


Speed to Market


Operational Efficiency

Connect the dots.

Most digital transformations fail, and not because of deficiencies in the technology. The biggest missing piece is human connection, not data, not systems, not tools.

We envision a workplace where people lean on each other, bring out the best in one another, and reach across boundaries to solve the world’s most challenging issues. This is why we focus on the human side of change in our work – ensuring that we understand the current and future state, stakeholder concerns, and goals of individuals and teams in order to design a solution that will not only work, but will allow your organization to grow from within.

With constant and innovative stakeholder engagement, combined with seeding champions to keep up the momentum and incentivizing stakeholders, the road to successful adoption and transformation becomes clear.

Let your internal collaboration fit the vision of the people in your organization.

Organizations must provide tools and solutions—and cultures—that sustain deep collaboration and radical inclusion.

In a typical @workplace by Facebook implementation, we see dramatic increases in teams’ ability to share information, find what they need and connect with experts within their organization. For example, a research study by Harvard Business Review found a 31% increase in people being able to directly find a person with expertise they need, and an 88% increase in their ability to find someone who could connect them the right person. When implemented with care and concern, people who had been on the perimeter of the company are now connected, engaged and more effective.

Making a day-to-day internal collaboration system work celebrates your people. Whether it’s closing a sale, serving a client, or completing a project, the more people share their work, the more momentum you build, and the more ideas and motivation circulate.



Together, and with your teams, we will achieve your transformative vision.

Future State takes pride in digital transformations that stick, and we’ve successfully led both our own internal digital transformations and the digital transformations of many of our clients. We work with our clients to drive enthusiastic adoption of the new technologies and ways of working.

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