Collaborative Focus Toward Common Goals

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There is an inherent complexity to collaborating cross-functionally or cross-organizationally, and even more so when you're a new acquisition of a large organization like Accenture. But when you have a vast network of expertise, partnerships, and potential for collaboration, there is an enormous opportunity to bring the best of technology and human ingenuity together and drive maximum value for clients.

So, when an opportunity came along for Future State to partner on an Accenture led project, we were thrilled to join our new teammates and jumped on it. 

New kids on the block

Sometimes fitting in can be a challenge – the first day at a new school, new family on the block, or visiting a country where you don’t speak the language. All this newness that can bring anxiety and excitement tends to leave many of us with various levels of uncertainty and a multitude of questions.

But when new groups of people come together, whose values are aligned and who believe in human-centricity, the welcome is easy, the connection almost immediate, and the outcomes more impactful.

The starting point

Our financial services client has been making numerous acquisitions over the past few years as part of their growth strategy to shift from an operations-focused company to a more digitally-driven technology provider in the healthcare industry. This rapid growth required talent to meet the demand. Our focus was on helping the client better understand their data and provide industry best practices so they could target their investment and create a more effective talent acquisition strategy.

Knowing our client’s ultimate goal was to hire the right talent, gaining a deeper understanding of the people and process would be crucial to the design of their overall hiring strategy.

As the human-centric transformation experts, we understood that creating a sustainable solution started with the client defining and embodying a clear purpose that could extend in how they attract and hire new talent. It would also require evolving their ability to understand and evaluate their current state using data and developing a priority roadmap to the future possibilities, business needs, and value case.

Joining forces

Over several stakeholder conversations and facilitated workshops, the project team captured a clear picture of how to support the client that would bring both Future State and Accenture's unique capabilities to bear. Leveraging our strengths, we then delivered a multifaceted recommendation meeting our client’s current needs and set their strategy for tomorrow.

We recommended utilizing Future State’s point of view on the Connected Organization™ to create a more compelling and purpose-driven employee value proposition (EVP) to increase adoption and further engagement.

We also proposed the client modernize their talent metrics by incorporating Accenture’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, both in how they viewed and used their data. This shift in their way of working would increase transparency on what’s working well, where there are issues, and help them develop inclusive interviewing processes and hiring governance structures resulting in a more diverse talent pool.

A picture is worth a thousand words

As we worked with the client’s leadership to incorporate these recommendations and co-create their action plan, we felt that creating a visual journey would help the client better embrace the vision put forth. Enter Root Inc., another recent Accenture acquisition.

Root has decades of experience activating and accelerating strategic change and building strong client relationships. Incorporating Root’s unique Watercooler® sketches which are used as part of their leadership alignment capabilities, was a deliberate step to gain insight, visually tell the client’s journey around their talent acquisition strategy, and bring out the best in the client’s teams.

With a blueprint to the future, some best practices, and technology recommendations, the team of Accenture, Root, and Future State delivered the client's first steps toward a talent acquisition strategy and their first steps toward being a best-in-class digital company.

When you leverage a global network of people and teams with deep expertise that also shares the same values and common purpose, the result is a world of possibility.

That’s One Accenture!

Key Takeaways

Purpose Drives Engagement - Be purpose-driven and human-centered by creating a clear connection to the purpose of the organization and helping all stakeholders understand how they contribute.

Know Thy Strengths - Awareness around what you do well and what you know someone else can do better is just plain smart. 

Better Together - Collaboration can bring the best of the many and create increased value for the one…the client.