Case Study: A Sunny, Collaborative Environment

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When an innovative solar-energy company needed to ramp up collaboration, unity across departments was critical to support a rapid technology rollout.


An innovative, sustainability-minded solar-energy company was in the midst of a major cultural values transformation focusing on collaboration, agility and efficiency. The focus was on working together more effectively and creating a collaborative environment, particularly between IT and the rest of the business, to enhance and support productivity.

A Smooth Technology Rollout

In order to enhance communications, collaboration and agility, the business planned to upgrade its primary business applications. But past technology rollouts had been bumpy, leading to hesitancy on the part of employees about the adoption of new technology. The organization urgently needed an approach to deploy the new tools that would deepen the channels of communication across the organization and lead to a smooth transition—all under the pressure of a short rollout time-frame.

As huge advocates of the importance of people in any transition, Future State knew our first task to ensure success was to focus on overcoming the negative perceptions caused by past rollouts. Our approach focused beyond mere organizational awareness to user-focused readiness and enablement of new views. We started by developing the communications and tools to support user understanding and satisfaction, working with the overseas technical team to create a strategic communications and adoption plan that included: ensuring an active online support presence; deploying educational and readiness communications; and delivering a customized deployment guide—which covered key features and functionality—to every user desk around the globe. Finally, we chose to use a phased deployment schedule to help minimize adverse impact and maximize realized benefits. By phasing rollout, we enabled users to offer feedback throughout the process, and to see the benefits of the new system as it spread from group to group across the organization.

Collaboration and Success

By the end of the project, Future State had worked with the organization to develop and deliver a Stakeholder and Organizational Impact Analysis, a Change Management Plan, a Communications Plan, Awareness Posters and ‘Quick Start’ Guide Flip Book/Desk Drop. The company saw a high user-adoption rate of the new applications and significant user satisfaction. The increased collaboration and efficiency led to an improved perception of the entire IT department through the success of the communications campaign, and we achieved the organization’s target of 75 percent decrease in support calls from internal users to IT.