Case Study: Revamping a Leader in the Elder Health-Care Space

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A health-care leader needed a new perspective and a system for building success into the future. With Future State’s guidance, the organization renewed its employee culture, recovered more than $100K in revenue and established a strategy to double its fundraising efforts in 3 short years—reclaiming its legacy as a gold standard in health-care.


A well-known San Francisco nonprofit health-care provider had a 40-year reputation for leading and innovating in the elder care space, developing models and providing services designed to enhance the well-being and dignity of older adults.

Although the organization was a leader in the space, changing national health-care policies and an increase in competitors entering the marketplace had led to a decade of increased workloads, rising employee turnover and declining membership. With a new CEO, the organization was ready to assess its current state and make changes to enable excellence and drive innovation moving into the future. The nonprofit’s goal was to renew its employee culture and reclaim its legacy as a gold standard in healthcare.

Enabling Innovation

Future State was contracted to help drive the changes necessary to enable innovation throughout the organization. We knew this organization had the experience, expertise and inherent community trust to maintain its position as a leader in its space. In order to help drive its team to new levels of success, we just needed to help the organization’s leaders reinvigorate their thinking around innovation to shift the culture and envision new opportunities.

We began by evaluating and remodeling the structure of the organization’s quarterly leadership meetings. By working with the team to design and implement interactive and strategic workshop-style meetings, we started to drive directors at all levels to think about their function and the health of the organization in new ways. Additionally, we conducted 17 strategy sessions to establish the strengths and opportunities of each function and business unit and develop a strategy for growth. Finally, we provided 80 hours of individual coaching with functional leaders to empower them to lead the organization into the future.

The Gold Standard in Care

Our refresh of the company’s strategic thinking led to an improved Medi-Cal Capitation process resulting in the recovery of more than $100,000 in revenue. We developed a Strategic Development Plan designed to drive fundraising from $5 million to $10 million in 3 years. We enabled the primary business unit to build a strategic plan for census growth and new program development. Finally, we provided a detailed list of projects for functional improvement to stabilize the organization and enable innovation in the long-term. The overhaul left the organization refreshed, reinvigorated and totally prepared to forge its way into the future.