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When it comes to talent shows, most people think of the grade-school song-and-dance variety. But in the current tight job market, showing noteworthy talents puts workers in high demand. What sets apart your business and makes it the best performance stage for employees? Oftentimes it’s the people surrounding them—their co-stars, so to speak—who create opportunities for a business team to really shine. Keep reading to shape your script so you can build a strong team that shares a common vision—and will earn calls for an encore.

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Workshops and team meetings are valuable ways to build team alignment and unity, and—when designed well—they deliver a hefty ROI. Future State Client Portfolio Director Zoe Dunning has been leading results-oriented workshops for more than 15 years. Read her three tips for designing successful workshops that benefit everyone on your team.

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Future State is thrilled to announce our place as a 2018 Best for the World honoree in the Workers category on B Lab’s 2018 Best for the World list. As a human-centered management consulting firm, we know our people are our biggest asset—and we treat them that way!

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+ From Stanford Graduate School of Business: This year’s Military Service Appreciation Award from the Stanford GSB Veterans Club went to our own Zoe Dunning, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate who defied the ban on gays in the military and now is a key member of the Future State staff.