"Design-doing:" The art of getting things done.

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We work with leading Fortune 1000 companies at the cutting edge of life sciences, health care, technology and consumer goods. Our clients’ work is literally changing the world—and that kind of innovation doesn’t happen using standard models. Extraordinary results require a different kind of approach. They require looking ahead, designing for a future that’s unpredictable, and bringing agility and innovation to bear to solve great big, important challenges.

We bring expertise in state-of-the-art tools, methodologies and best practices. Our world-class teams are deeply versed in PMI, Agile and Waterfall, PROSCI and Kotter, Lean, Hammer and Six Sigma, Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design.

But that’s not where the magic happens. Transformation happens when people are engaged, empowered, and enabled to thrive inside new ways of working. That’s why we use a simple yet radical approach: We listen and meet you where you’re at. We co-create a custom solution tailored to your needs. Then we make it real, testing and adapting along the way. We design solutions tailored to every client, delivering extraordinary results that positively impact the world. Design-doing, the art of getting things done.

+ Digital Transformation: We facilitate and guide your team so the goals, process and outcomes are understood and everyone is aligned and able to envision the opportunities. We create short-and long-term roadmaps that drive new processes, technologies, capabilities, teams and behaviors for your customers, your partners and your organization. Read more.

+ Facilitation and Workshop Design: It’s possible (and dare we say fun) to solve complex business problems when everyone comes together around a shared vision—especially in today’s busy and dispersed workforces. Whether you need to bring together 4 or 400 people, we will help make the most efficient use of your time to drive alignment and help your team through any change.

+ Project management: We use proven approaches to ensure the successful implementation of change. Whether using Waterfall, Agile or a whiteboard, our project-management professionals combine cutting-edge and time-tested methodologies to manage your project within scope, delivering on time and budget.

+ Change management: People make innovation happen. By creating great sponsors, engaging stakeholders and launching change networks, we get everyone engaged and ready to adopt new technologies, processes and business initiatives to drive your business to the future.

+ Communications: We believe in the power of storytelling to demystify complex changes. Using pictures, diagrams, graphic recordings, videos and engaging campaigns, we create two-way communications channels—internally and externally. We combine the best of social media, public relations and marketing tactics to build understanding, buy-in and momentum.

+ Process excellence: The most critical part of transformation is seeing the map from your current state to your future state. New systems and strategies provide opportunities to maximize performance. We provide structure designed to create process excellence. Our recognized team of process experts provide end-to-end process analysis, design and modeling.

+ Organizational effectiveness: Talent is a strategic imperative for all companies, and we know how to manage this key resource—from leadership coaching, realigning and designing new organizations, to mastering the end-to-end talent management lifecycle including recruiting, on-boarding, the employee experience, and performance management.

+ Learning and development: In our continually changing environment, learning may be the only constant. Our award-winning training experts have executed hundreds of engaging blended-learning solutions that incorporate instructor-led courses, on-site job training, eLearning, and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

+ Technology enablement: Technology is a key enabler of all innovations and transformations. We have the capability to move from information architecture and intranet designs to the development of portals and dashboard solutions. We have extensive experience in legacy systems, new tool development, and implementations of the latest SaaS solutions, and AI and big data initiatives across industries.