Agile Foundations Webinar 2021

DECEMBER 28TH, 2020 @ 2:30pm PST
1hr Zoom Session

2020 came out of leftfield. 2021 is at least expected to be unknown. We know that we don’t know what’s going to impact our organizations. The question is are you ready for whatever!

There are three mission critical variables that will deliver success as we embark into the unknown.

  • Adapt to market demand and stay ahead of competition
  • Connect with your customers to deliver value, the right solutions and avoid mistakes
  • Empower your team to innovate and reduce attrition

“Going Agile” is a strategy that enables organizations to do just this. Many of our clients are mid-transformation and showing quantifiable results. But is it the right strategy for your organization?

Testing the Agile waters is , low risk, low investment and can potentially provide a higher return.

Join Organizational Transformation Experts - Shannon Adkins and Ewan O’Leary to learn:

  • How to test Agile?
  • Key Agile transformation elements to consider
  • Alternative strategies that better suit your organization

Bonus: Complete this webinar (Virtual Training???) and gain exclusive access to a limited opportunity to “train with the masters” in our Agile Dojo. Here you’ll be able to delve deeper, practice your Agile skills with our coaches and get free spot coaching for a challenge your organization is currently facing.

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