21st Century Leadership Skills: the Heart of Organizational Transformation

Innovation + Transformation Leadership Podcast

The pace of change that leaders today must understand, confront, and
adapt to in order to build and sustain thriving businesses and social
enterprises is unrelenting.

Every day leaders learn about a myriad of emerging trends that are
certain to impact revenue, profit, the workforce, and the stock price…
be it cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, automation, big data, the everchanging regulatory landscape, digital transformation, millennials, “Holocracy”, “Agile”, social enterprise, outsourcing, and so on. Leaders
must be ready to lead and drive change throughout their organizations to
remain viable in the 21st century.

And, the attributes that are needed today are not the same skills that
were taught just a few decades ago. Of course leaders still need to
understand finance, marketing, and management skills, but today,
there is also a set of new skills that are being defined as 21st century
leadership skills. These skills are especially tuned to ensure that leaders
can meet the demands of a time of great change and ambiguity, as well
as the convergence of a number of cultural and societal shifts that have
the potential to disrupt and destabilize businesses of all sizes.
No longer does the command and control model of leadership and
management seem to work. The best and brightest in our workforce
expect to be able to contribute fully to the setting of vision, values, and
strategic direction. They expect, as they should, to be able to bring their
full selves, and their full lives to their work. Work life balance has been
replaced with living a life that works in all areas – social, personal, and
professional. Team members are looking for purpose in their lives, and
in their work, and they expect to find it reflected in the core values and
business model of the companies that they choose to work for and with,
and to buy from.

We have observed that the most successful leaders of the 21st century
share a set of common attributes that, when combined, make them
especially adept at leading teams through this time of change. Leaders
that are unprepared or unwilling to adapt find themselves struggling
to create productive, inspiring, and effective workplaces with team
members who are passionate about the success of the enterprise.

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